Sanshiro’s diary


Novels A person of music

1.  My early life ...

 Because I remember my early life I don't look,   I wanted to never up  in those days.

 But I mind I must up I feel I up and I up.

When I be 2nd peace s in elemently school, It happened by me. It mustn't was happened but It happened by me.

 It happened first by Naoya's mouth.

 "I have never done shit, not even once."

...  I , I believe in it's month because I have never looked everyone doing shit, not even once expect for baby.

The time was 2 p.m . this time was break time so I could go toilet. But...

  I ever never stand that space because it happened smell  what.

Suddenly I came home with vinyl bag inn.

 Through gate elemently school,

 through a bakery shop later,

 through Mitsuo's house, 

 come front in my house.

 When I look in, my mother up the washings  and my mother look at me 

 I said " I did a crap in my pants''

 and my mother smail and I shocked my mother smail.

 I feel pain because my mother don't understand my pain but I have a little break because my mother's feel smailing, you maybe know my mother so kind, so I find out my feeling.

 Afterdays after school I had stayed my home.

For a while, a few days later but my mother said...

" May you are going Mitsuo's house? "

I must outed of my house. But I understanded never being in Mitsuo's house. But I have gone because I hadn't place I could go .

So Mitsuo's house's interphone I pushed.


" Come in."

I was surprised and It make turned  my feeling very happy. I'm in and set everyone's back.

but Mitsuo said darkly.

" Because my mother be, you can come in. But don't never come in my house."

When just it, my eyes lost colors. A time my eyes recover colors when I will write in this things to A person of music and I will be junked by the man, I spent twelve  years  just as my eyes lost colors...



2. A person of music


 When I up high school, I meet the man. I feel something like aura from A person of music, the man. I met two times the man in test for up the high school, but I missed the high school's up, but but I hadn't finished that I meet the man.

 My high school decide the other, but the man be same school.

The generation 90's have happened the movement look like 60's. Many bands and artists attacked the movement and have got success.

One of it's bands, The Stone Roses I adore I listened at the first time then and I decided talking with the man.

I checked many bands and artist but the man listened everyone I checked. I gaved up

so the man's family is in this areas rare music family. The man rented two CD's for me. Maybe the man didn't the CD's for everyone another. I adore these too. One of band is The Teenage Funclub Two of band name changed to eugenius from Captain America.

When up college, I met the man at near the local station. Then I was huged by A person of music, the man. I was huged at the first time (in japan hug means kiss maybe). I impressed but not woman.

The man and I went to each different college.

I because live single, I must went  to national university. so I stady one more year.The man went to private university straight. While I stady

one more year, I met the man again and again,

and so we promised to make a band and so on.

When I up the university, I teled  the man and the man called me. The band is cool so I minded why I in this band.

but One day, we went to Boredoms's live. Not only so, we went to back yards of Boredoms's live too. we wrote a paper each name. I haven't forgot it.

And another day, we went to Destry All Monsters's secret live too. I mind how about did I be in, and a stooped and bented my body. I haven't forget it.


3. end


But end was coming soon. because we went to different college, we didn't be good but so did be bad. I was living single and the mans came my single house. The other man played first album  of Atari Teenage Riot. I didn't like ATR but the man laughed uncontrollably. I didn't know why the man laughed. Why person can laugh by music? I thought. I played Merge record's songs, the man said the man look like change me. The words was pained me very hard. my heat was broken likely to. nearly. The man went to toilet. a few minutes later, the man came here nomaly. Today was ATR's live day. The man said to me "you go?" I said "No!"

The man and I end. but I couldn't be unbearable to having only this broken heart. and I very envy the man.

I sended a latter to the man

 The latter is...

I adore you. I look that you are like in ichigobatake.

I can't be going to there.

I did shit in my pants in seven years old!!

I did shit in my pants!! Idid shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!!I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! I did shit in my pants!! my pants did shit!!

and My father said that my son will be number one system engineer. I must be

good bye.


probably I wrote so. These words were very strange when I wrote these.

But I wrote I do your band again too.

Off cause I didn't be called back.

I thought I was junked. At the first time I understand to feel sad.

But bad things not only. I bought ATR second album. The album seet was written this.

" Because I sended a latter like that,You

thought I become crazy? "

When I looked this writing, I became I like

 Atri Teenage Riot. But I thought something wrong? I feeled this mad. And I very mind me

in my single house. Then my mother teled me

and my mother said

" problem is nothing? you didn't back home."

I thought she never understand me. I said

" I will be back in a few days " I was angry.

The Next day I backed home, Mitsuo came my home house. " Let's go mah-jongg" Mitsuo said.

We played mah-jongg in Mitsuo's house. I thought won but I mistaked. Everyone laughed me. Always I laughed too in my heart only angly but this day was different. I  made angly uncontrollably, I stood up  and I came my home house.  After then I was afraid  of Mitsuo, I thought Mitsuo came again soon, so I said my little sister " I go to my single house" and I left my home house I went to the local station.But I was afraid of every people and I couldn't went to near the station, I strayedI strayed. Little river was flowing. I thought I mayed feel good if my body in this river. but I didn't do if little lucky. Late night  I strayed strayed strayed strayed after strayed, I teled my father "Please car comes"  My father cames by his car. But he got very angry. He shouted "What time is it?" "Where do you went!! " Those days moble phone was nothing yet. He shouted very hard always but I was not always. I was afraid of my father  ultra more than always. So I said and so on. 

" I'm going  to hospital "