Sanshiro’s diary


Novels A person of music

1.  My early life ...

 Because I remember now I don't look  my early life I never up those days.

 But I mind I must up I feel I up and I up.

When I be 2nd peace s in elemently school, I happened I never happened but I happened.

 It happened Naoya's mouth.

 "I never ever shit forever."

...  I , I believe it's month perfect be,because I never look everyone shit.

The time is 2 p.m . this time is break time so I can go toilet  in this time but...

because because Naoya's mouth do I believe.

  I ever never stand that space because it happened smell  what.

Suddenly I came home with vinyl bag inn.

 Through gate elemently school,

 through a bakery shop later,

 through Mitsuo's house, 

 come front in my house.

 When I look in, my mother up the washings and my mother look at me

 I said ' my shits out of.'

 and my mother have smail and I shocked my mother have smail.

 I feel pain because my mother don't understand my pain but I have a little break because my mother's feel have smail, you maybe know my mother so kind, so I find out my feel.